EUROVELO 1: Atlantic Coast Route:

EuroVelo in Spain: Some 3,600 km of enjoyable cycling

Regions through which EuroVelo 1 passes: Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, Castile y Leon, Extremadura and Andalusia.

General description: Route that crosses the interior of the Iberian Peninsula from North to South, passing through historic roads such as the Way of Saint James, the Canal de Castilla or the Vía de la Plata trail. It starts on the Basque coast, passes through regions Navarre, La Rioja, Castile and Leon, Extremadura and ends in Andalusia close to border with Portugal.

Keywords: Way of Saint James, Castile Canal, Silver Way

Some waypoints: Irun village, Pamplona city, Puente la Reina bridge, Burgos city, Fromista village, Salamanca city, Hervas village, Caceres city, Plasencia city, Merida city, Cala village, Nerva village, Ayamonte village, etc.

Some points of interest: Romanesque bridge over the Arga river (Puente la Reina), Canal de Castilla, University of Salamanca, Hervas Jewry, Ambroz Valley, Caceres Old City, Andalusian mining heritage (Pyrite Belt), Guadiana Estuary, etc.