Guide EuroVelo 1 Extremadura

Jan 26, 2021

The Dirección General de Turismo of the Junta de Extremadura has published a guide to the EuroVelo 1 route through Extremadura.

Guide EuroVelo 1 • Extremadura

The initial part presents general contents, such as tips for your bike trip, maps and brief information on the EuroVelo network, the EuroVelo 1 route and an explanation of the types of signs you will find along the route.

Below is a chapter dedicated to each of the five stages that divide the Extremadura route. The stages, and the contents included in each of them, are ordered from north to south, which is the official direction in which the route is conceived.

Each stage offers you the following contents:

  • A description of the development of the stage, with the main attractions that you will find, possible incidents to take into account on the way, type of roads through which it passes, characteristics of the landscape …
  • A small map locating the stage within the complete route through Extremadura.
  • List of places where the route passes by.
  • You can’t miss… List of the main attractions of the route: monuments, natural spaces, festivals of tourist interest, other attractions…
  • Services. List of establishments that you may need during the stage: tourist information offices, bicycle shops and workshops.
  • Detailed sketch of the stage, on a double page, that includes the altimetric
    profile of the route to be carried out. The available services are indicated with a system of pictograms in each of the locations found along the way.

In the next part of the guide we include a list of experiences, activities and services that companies in Extremadura offer you to make your trip more attractive, comfortable and safe. Here you will find all the necessary data for its hiring: name of the company, contact details, description of the activity and/or service, which it includes, price and availability.

Finally, in the guide you will find Services information you may find useful, such as accommodation, restaurants, spa and health resorts, activity companies or the main means of transport to get to Extremadura and to the start and end points of the different stages.