Promote your business with the EuroVelo Media Pack!

The EuroVelo Media Pack comprises EuroVelo’s two primary communication and promotional tools: the EuroVelo Overview Map and the website. The launch of the brand new website and the upcoming release of the new EuroVelo Overview Map provide the ideal opportunity to advertise your business to cyclists.

Cycle tourism is booming. In total, cycle tourism has a value in excess of €44 billion, which is higher than the European cruise ship industry. When completed, the EuroVelo network alone will generate an estimated 60 million trips creating a total of €7 billion of direct revenue. The two main communication and promotional tools are the EuroVelo Overview Map and the website.

Advertising opportunities on the EuroVelo Overview Map

The EuroVelo Overview Map is a high-quality overview map (scale 1: 5,000,000) covering the entire European network, providing inspiration for people deciding where to explore next. 110,000 copies of the two last editions of the map were printed and distributed across Europe at conferences and other events (e.g. ITB Berlin, Velo-city). The new edition of the map will be available before the start of the 2020 season with an initial run of 40,000 copies, which will be distributed across Europe via 22 different National EuroVelo Coordination Centres, Conferences and fairs (ITB, Velo-city, etc.).

The new EuroVelo Overview Map comes with exciting new advertising opportunities. On the new map, it will be possible to include advertisements on both sides of the document. There are four different advertising options: Gold tier adverts, Silver tier adverts, adverts on the map side and adverts on the text side. By investing in a Gold tier advert, you become the main sponsor of the EuroVelo Overview Map. Gold tier adverts are featured prominently on the front cover of the map or next to the legend on the map side. Space is reserved on the back cover of the map for a Silver tier advert. On the map side, there is room for one advert in the upper-right corner and three adverts at the bottom of the map. On the text side of the map, general adverts or adverts linked to specific EuroVelo routes can be included.

Advertising opportunities on

The revamped website presents more advertising opportunities. You can reserve either a Home Page Box which can rotate through different images, or a Skyscraper Banner, which can either appear on the home page or on specific route/country pages.

Find out more about the EuroVelo Media Pack by downloading the PDF below.

EuroVelo Media Pack_2019

For information about any of the above advertising opportunities please contact the ECF directly:
Jesús Freire
+32 4 8858 3502

Please note that the deadline for placing adverts in the new EuroVelo Overview Map is September 2019.