What type of bicycle is better for cycling in Spain?

To choose the best type of bicycle for your trip is going to be an important matter. Road bike, MTB or hybrid? Answering this question is one of the first actions we usually do before starting our journey.

To try to answer, here, we offer some basic guidelines that you hope will be helpful:Spain is one of the most mountainous countries of the old continent. Therefore, having several developments on the bicycle is highly recommended.

It has routes for all tastes, from a myriad of roads and paths for MTB lovers, as well as kilometers and roads with low traffic to make cycling more comfortable and even more demanding.

In general, and unless we choose the MTB options, the bicycle that best adapts to the vast majority of cyclist options available in Spain is the hybrid bike for its versatility for the flat terrain, the possibility of irregular road surfaces and wide range of developments available when facing the steepest parts of the trip.

What is the recommended basic travel kit?

  • Doorbell
  • White front light
  • Red taillight
  • Helmet
  • Bike carrier
  • Waterproof panniers
  • Spare camera
  • Anti-puncture kit
  • Air pump for bike
  • Tools
  • First aid kit
  • Padlock
  • Quick drying towel
  • Oilskin
  • Water trousers
  • Waterproof bags to store clothes

Alone or accompanied by someone?

Traveling in Spain is very safe in any part of the country and what they receive from the people who visit us, finding help and attention. The trip alone or accompanied is just a matter of taste. Both trips have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, the trip with someone is recommended for reasons of enjoyment and logistical possibilities in case of breakdown or accident. There are many options for traveling as a family or as a group throughout the country.

The Greenways concept is a good example of this.